Monday, April 25, 2005

And We're Off!

Wow, what a productive weekend! We got though 29 charts of drill this weekend, and somehow managed to get well ahead of schedule in the learning process despite the lack of cooperation by mother nature. The forecast was absolutely awful, but the actual weather was much better then we anticipated. So despite a little rain a little wind and our field about 2 inches underwater, I would say this camp was really quite good.

We learned all of the charts between Saturday afternoon and a little bit Sunday morning on the aforementioned “scuba field” before we had to head to the parking lot for the remaining review portion of the day on Sunday. Here is what impressed me this weekend…

The work ethic of the horn line was fantastic. Learning that much over the course of a weekend was incredible. I know the staff is blown away by what we achieved. We exceeded their goal and ours and we should be proud of that and continue the standard that we brought to the table this weekend!

The adaptability of the group at practice was also incredible. We had a wet soggy field under water and how many times was rehearsal interrupted because of it? Not once! We had nasty awful weather and cold wind and how many complaints did we have out there? Not one that I could hear. We moved from the field to an unlined parking lot. We set up some markers and cones, found a few reference points for hashes, marched over curbs, and did it all once again without question and without problems. Adapting to change like that and handling it with minimal complaints or problems is amazing! This is professionalism at the highest level!

Some thoughts on the drill…

We worked mainly on Orange Colored Sky. The staging seems to be very good and from what I could see it will make the music that much more effective. This drill and music together give us a chance to do what we do best. Technique, technique and more technique! From foot technique to playing technique this song allows us to showcase a whole lot of little things. It gives us a change to show off the little details and the little nuances that have become a part of the Brigadier shows the last 5 or 6 years.

Taxi Driver has a very cool concept. Since we are doing a show based on life in the city we start out at an intersection and the show goes from there. My only issue with this song is the contra’s start off on the wrong street! Lobbying for a rewrite has already begun!

Well as you can see by what I have written here, the outdoor season is off to a fantastic start! All we have to do is keep building up this momentum and the Freight Train known as the Syracuse Brigadiers will once again be a factor come championships!

Aight folks I am outta here for now! I’d like to give a special shout out to Slick Willy, Home Biscuit and Steak Nugget! Keep pushing guys this one is gonna be good!

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