Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The LOUD Tour Mission Statement

To provide my audience the very best that I have to offer in terms of entertainment. The entertainment can come in many forms including, writing, photo, musical, and video form. It is my goal to offer the best quality product that I can to all of you in each of these areas. It is my goal to reach all audiences and that is why there is a wide variety of topics to choose from.

I have come a long way since March of 2005 when I first started this blog. In that time I have had many other blog and picture projects come and go. The LOUD Tour is always changing and evolving to bring you the most entertaining product I possibly can. With the recent launch of LOUD Tour TV, I hope to reach a much broader audience and to break the anonymity that is just words and pictures.

There will many changes to come from here, but all of them are intended to keep The LOUD Tour at the cutting edge of blog entertainment. Eventually the goal will be to break out from the blog mold and into a larger medium that can reach even more people. This promises to be a long and challenging process, and cannot be done without the loyalty and support of you, my audience.

Thank you all for reading, watching, and listening! The LOUD Tour is just getting started!



Demon23... said...

You are well on your way to being the jazz king tour guide... you got skill... I got skill but similar to empty package of expensive toothpaste and no matter how much you squeeze the tube nothing comes out... but go on, keep making every blogger look bad. I am going to rate you on varb, when you get a varb button. Through Blogmad.

Shawn C. said...

I have the button, but it is difficult to find. That area in my blog is something that I need to fix. I'll get to it one day!

There are lots of bloggers out there that blow me away in terms of design and overall content. I just hope to catch up!