Thursday, March 01, 2007

Interactive Blogging - Coming Soon

I was checking out some articles today over on about how users can be more interactive with your blogs. It says that the #1 way of interactivity is through comments. It goes on to list other add-ons that you can put on your blog such as chat rooms, shout boxes, forums, and other things that are designed to get your readers more involved in your blog. In the article it also warns that you, the author, need to be willing to interact with your readers as well. Basically once you allow readers to interact with you, then you should reciprocate by interacting with them.

It is my goal to launch more of an interactive blogging experience for all of the readers of my blog. With the launch of LOUD Tour TV I have already brought you a step closer to my life. There is no longer the anonymity of just words or a few pictures. Now you have a face, a voice, and a personality. The first two episodes have had more viewers then some pilot episodes got on NBC just a few years back! So in case you missed them, have a look at Episode 1 & Episode 2!

So here is your first chance to become more interactive with me. There are many different ideas that I can add on to The LOUD Tour or perhaps run in conjunction with The LOUD Tour that will allow more user interactivity. Right now I am leaving two options. I can put the shoutbox back up (which actually causes my page to run slower, if anyone has a shoutbox that is reliable and always loads quickly please let me know) or I can run a chat on either AOL IM or Yahoo IM.

Tell me what you want and I will bring it to you! That is interactive blogging at it's finest!



NoMas said...

I used to enjoy Yahoo IM but haven't chatted in a couple of years. The site recommendation is accurate in that leaving lots of people comments generates comments and faithful readers.

Shawn C. said...

That is very true. Comments are the #1 way. Other forms of interactivity give you different ways to connect with and broaden your audience.