Friday, March 02, 2007

So what's on today's menu?

Snow, snow, and more snow! Which is why for today only I am bringing you LOUD Tour TV Special Snow Edition! The show is far more successful then I had originally planned, so I figured why not give you, the viewers, more of an opportunity to watch it? So have a look at today's mini episode and tell me what you think!

Now some of you may be wondering if I am putting too much material out there too fast. There is plenty more material where all of this came from. I mean I have spent many years driving the same stretch of highway with the same people for 5 hours at a time each and every weekend and I was always able to come up with fresh material for the ride! So for me to come up with about 5 minutes of material and capture it on video is a piece of cake to me.

Speaking of going on the road, this weekend is a Brigadiers weekend. I finally get to play some music again, provided that the city is actually open and the highways are safe enough to travel tonight or tomorrow morning. Bad scheduling this year I guess! Who is in charge of the weather this year?

Back to yesterday's topic of interactivity. I think I have come up with another really neat option that is going to allow me to incorporate you into future episodes of LOUD Tour TV. I really need to carefully plan how I want to do this before implementing it, however I think it will really offer up some cool ways for all of us to communicate!

I hoped you enjoyed The LOUD Tour TV Special Snow Edition video. As always I am welcoming all comments and suggestions!



Joshua Xalpharis said...

The wind sounded like it was a load of fun...

Personally, I dislike snow. Living in NW Ohio damn near guarantees that I have to put up with it at all times.

It is never fun living in a climate with ten months of winter, one month of summer, and two weeks for both spring and autumn. I feel like a damned Inuit, really.

Anyway, hope you have a great time in Syracuse. The weather will probably be dismal, but that is NY.

Demon23... said...

Okay dude you keep rocking. I could probably donate you 5 bucks... but I am not going to. Instead with your permission, may I have a banner from you, I will post it on my blog up above near my header w/ a link to this site. This would be an addition to your link on my side bar. You do not have to do the same, that is not fair to you. My blog is not of a similar caliber... that would be my donation? How does it sound?

NoMas said...

Oooh, cold. Our weather here in Texas is a beautiful sunny 79 degrees. How 'bout them apples!?