Wednesday, February 21, 2007

LOUD Tour TV Ep. 1

As promised here is my first ever video post. In today's episode I will explain to you my purpose for adding video posts to my blog. I also explain the kinds of things I will be showing in future episodes. My first episode is uncut and shot all in one take. I intend to do this with the majority of my episodes. Also I intend to keep them all under 3 minutes, that way you people don't have to endure too much of me!

So now that it's over, what did you think? I may have carried on a bit too much, but I wanted to give you folks a quick introduction and let you know what this show was going to be all about. All comments, suggestions, feedback, and show ideas are welcome! Post them here or send an email to Thanks for watching!



Dawn Marie said...

You know I love you Shawn, but I think Bosco stole the show. Theres nothing that screams superstar more than a napping furball upside down. (I swear he looked like he took up the whole bed!) lmao

I say more Bosco.

Shawn C. said...

Everyone knows Bosco is the star...I mean look at him, he just lays there and lets everyone else do the work! He's got this superstar stuff down!

Sara said...

Someone needs a haircut...

But then again, so do I. Maybe we can go to the hair Salon together this weekend. LOL!!

RL said...


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Judy Jones said...

I wanna see Bosco in action, which would take some serious planning, I know - but I can just imagine him running, bounding, leaping, and it's fantastic and wonderful and... hilarious ;)

Christine Hingray said...

Well, thanks for the cam angle...You spared everybody to see my messy appartment... hahaha

The video came out pretty good, and Bosco is... well... being Bosco. hahaha

Shawn C. said...

Yes I planned the camera work that way babe!

I am planning to get a haircut right before I come to meet you at the train station on Friday!

We can make Bosco run and jump, but the most you are going to get out of him is an occasional meow!

NoMas said...

Great idea to video yourself. I look forward to viewing some sites in Montreal!

NoMas said...

Great idea to video yourself. I look forward to viewing some sites in Montreal!