Thursday, February 22, 2007

Attention Google Video Users...

I am looking for your opinions. Recently I have launched LOUD Tour TV as something to compliment my blog. I posted my video over to YouTube and it took nearly 2 hours for it to become available to be embedded here on my blog. The first try did not work because the sound was not synced with the video so I had to convert the format from AVI to WMV and then re post it to YouTube which then took another two hours for my video to become available to embed again. The video was a little over 2 minutes in length. The file size was roughly 6.5 Mb

Now what I want to know from you Google Video users is how long from the time you upload your video until the time it is available to be embedded on blogs and other websites? Also are their issues with syncing sound and video on AVI files? I am currently shooting my videos with my Fuji FinePix E550 digital camera. As you can see the quality is pretty good. I want my videos to be available to the public without #1 having to convert them to WMV format and #2 within minutes of the actual upload. Basically the video that I shot at 2 o'clock yesterday wasn't available to be show until almost 7 because of a sync error and the long processing time.

Please Google Video users give me feed back on your Google Video experience!

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