Monday, February 26, 2007

We've Kidnapped Evil Sara And Are Selling Her On Ebay!

Evil Sara has left the building! She came up for a couple of days of partying Montreal style! Friday night we had some folks over for a little party. It went kind of late, or early depending on how you look at it! It was a fun time and Sara has most of the pictures. She will be posting many more on her blog when she arrives home!

We did take one picture however that came out really interesting. Evil Sara performs with a drum corps from San Francisco called the Renegades. Now Christine and I have attended a couple of their parties on DCA weekends and have made friends with quite a few folks over there. So how ironic that we have seven people at our party on Friday night and we take thins picture that comes out looking like a seven.

For those that don't know the significance of the number 7 you will have to ask someone from Renegades. It means a whole lot to them, and is the basis for their existence in the first place!

So, that was Friday night...I have intentionally left out the details to protect the innocent.

Next came Saturday nights misadventure. After cooking a few meals and eating our fill, Evil Sara and I headed out downtown in Montreal to a bar called the Saint Sulpice. It's an interesting place with multiple floors and themed bars. Most places like this charge a cover to get in, but this place has no cover, and that is why we went there. We threw a couple pitchers back, got free beer from some random people next to us, then met some other totally random people who bought us more beer. The rest of the story I am leaving out to protect the names of the completely guilty! It was a fun time, we made it home in one piece...barely!

This picture was taken before all of the free beers...with each free beer, the pictures got progressively more offensive! With the most offensive picture intended for Lee Rudnicki, we still don't know if he got it! Christine didn't make it out with us on Saturday because she was not feeling too well.

Yesterday we were in recoup mode! And this morning Evil Sara is on her way back to NYC. The Don't Try This At Home Tour is officially complete! There are pictures and video of the whole fiasco out there somewhere! I guess you'll just have to wait and see when and where they pop up!


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Ouch! My head hurts for ya.