Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More Important News...

Today is my mom's birthday...Happy bithday Mom, if you are reading this!

Today work, tomorrow payroll, Thursday Golf...just gotta make it until Thursday!

This is the last week for my Payroll deduction from my student loan. Do you know what that means? An Extra $280 a month in my pocket! Life only gets easier from here! Some months it is $350 extra!

I am also putting constant updates out there on the Moblog now. Just some everyday pictures for now. Nothing Fancy, just kind of random stuff that I take picutres of.

I used the camera that Christine got me for Christmas a little this weekend on the ride up. Took some pictures of the usual landmarks that catch our eye on the ride up. Now I just have to upload them to a computer so they can be added to the Moblog.

Well I have to go and learn some more stuff here at work. I am taking over some additional responsibilities now that someone is leaving our company. There is someone coming in to replace the girl that is leaving, but there is no time to train her, so this is stuff that I can learn and add on to my responsibilities. It's not that big of a deal, most of it is getting familiar with some processes. But anywho...I am off...

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