Friday, June 10, 2005

Overtired, Overworked, Overhungry...

And Overthere!

I am so out of it today. Of all the things I did not want to do today, working had to be somewhere between the top of the list and first on the list! Sounds redundant, butreally that is how I felt at 1/2 o'clock this morning.

So I golfed yesterday...I had moments of brilliance! I also had moments of complete and total shit! Maybe one day I will get the hang of this game and get more then 1 aspect of it working at a time. Actually yesterday I was able to drive the ball well and putt very well. Everything in between was anyone's guess.

Today I am digging out of the hole that was left for me yesterday here. When you miss one day here it can break your back. Now imagine what happens if I take a few days off? What are people going to do, and will I ever get a true vacation in the near future? I dunno...

Tonight I have to scramble to get all of my things in order for the weekend. We are in Hundson, NY this weekend. Still have absolutely no idea how to get there, maybe I'll work on tha tat lunch or something. It's going to be an extremely busy day tomorrow between parades and learning more of the show, as well as dress runthroughs and a standstill performance. Lots of playing tomorrow. I know I can handle it, hopefully the rest of the corps can too.

Well all, today is extremely busy, and I have a lot to do, especially if I want to get out of here early. Be safe out there on the roads tonight Brigs people!

And in other news...

Christine Hingray is the most beautiful girl in the world!


Christine said...

You ARE getting vacations next fall. Why? Because I said so!

And... Who's Christine Hingray?

Shawn C. said...

Isn't she your other personality?