Friday, July 08, 2005

Ain't Nothin Stoppin Us Now...

A very ambitious schedule indeed! This weekend we are focusing on changes. Not minor changes either folks. We are programming 4 whole different effect points into our show, including a new ending, and new drill to the opening. It is a large amount of work indeed, but if we can get it all done, then we get 1 week of cleaning it before we have to face the Statesmen, and 2 weeks before we have to face the Buccaneers. Again these are major impact points in our show that are getting overhauled, and it should affect our scores dramatically. I guess we’ll find out in the coming weeks.

Also we have 2 performances Saturday night. This will really help us to solidify performing the new changes coming in to next week. Having a weekend off from competition might be a bummer, but it could not have come at a better time! With the momentum of last week, plus the buzz going around about the new material, I think we will really surprise some folks in a few short weeks. Once we get it up to our performance standard, there is no reason why this won’t be one of the top 2 shows going in to finals. We just have to keep working and keep pushing.

Weather this weekend once again appears to be cooperative. Tomorrow might be a little damp and rainy early, but the temperature is not going to get above 80. The same is true for Sunday’s rehearsal. It means that we won’t burn out nearly as fast in rehearsal, so we should be very strong for our two performances. In addition to those two performances we have some solo and ensemble exhibitions as well. I am trying to pull together a solo that I played for a few auditions in the past. Granted I haven’t played it in a couple of years, but with some remedial work there is no reason why I can’t pull it off Saturday night. We’ll see, but playing the solo is going to be a “game time” decision. It depends on how my chops hold up during the day too.

10 contras again this weekend! I am hoping we can get all of us on the field for the two exhibitions. Once all 10 of us know the show then we can really start to progress as a section. The work in practice has been great recently, which is a very good sign. Everyone has finally taken ownership of the gig. Once we are comfortable then we can really start putting some emotion into it and really get down to performing. I look forward to that day. Those days rarely come around before finals. We have the opportunity to do just that. Jump aboard folks this section is taking you for a ride!

Well only a few more hours today of getting my ass kicked in the office, then I get to go home and pack for the weekend. ETA in Syracuse is about 12:30 tonight, maybe 1 depending on when we actually hit the road. Everyone be safe in your travels to wherever you happen to be going this weekend…I’m out…

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Dawn Marie said...


The jacket sounds like a plan. We'll see. Bring some of the charts for that small ens. I talked to you about. I didnt want to work on it the past couple of weeks because the show was 1st priority. At the very least bring a list or a few charts to pass around to practice over next week. Thanks! Safe travels & see you soon sportin that real Blue.