Monday, July 18, 2005

Egos & Agendas

It’s time to put both of those aside and find a common ground so that we can put together the greatest performance that anyone has ever seen.

We are making some pretty major strides right now towards having a really strong performance. I see both ego’s and personal agenda’s that could potentially slow our progress toward having a very incredible ending to our season. No one has ever scored a perfect 100 in any show. Very few groups have been fortunate enough to have it happen in a subcaption or two during one of their performances.

The perfect score will never be realized until everyone stops thinking they are perfect and starts working together to achieve incredible performances.

I believe that if we can adjust our own individual approach and put aside our own individual goals that we can and will go farther with this show then we have ever gone with a show before.

The possibilities are limitless for what we can achieve. Let’s all work together and become the best.


<< *becka* >> said...

good idea.
shawn, you're awesome.

Dawn Marie said...


This seems to have become an epidemic of epic proportions lately. Im hoping we can all rise above the pettiness and pull our heads from our asses to become a united front working toward greatness. Will we realize the simplicity in time?

You know exactly what I mean when I say Concord Pavilion '99. You cant get any more unity than that in a performance...even if it did sound like crap, it was the most amazing thing Id ever been a part of. I miss that feeling.

Anonymous said...

The plurals of ego and agenda are egos and agendas, omit the apostrophe...

/a random surfing english teacher.... :)

Shawn C. said...

Someone Microsoft Spell Checker kept telling me those plurals were wrong...that is why I added the apostrophe...I'll fix it just for you random suffering English the meantime, someone contat Bill Gates, the people at Microsoft have screwed up again!