Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Momentum on the Hype Train...

What’s this? We have a drum corps folks! This weekend was very telling of what we have our hands on this year. After taking a weekend off after a particularly lackluster weekend we could have expected the worst. Instead we got the absolute best! Here are some thoughts on the weekend.

The work ethic was absolutely outstanding. Everyone came in hungry and everyone knew what they had to do. Despite the challenges of the day everyone overcame everything and we had a great full day of practice. For those of us that have been around for a few years, it is practices like this that we missed. For all the new members, it’s days like this that separate the Brigadiers from every other organization out there. If we keep this up for two months, the things we can achieve are beyond our limits. We have a great foundation now, and an great deal of momentum heading into July.

The show while very good for some parts was equally weak in others. The good news is, this was our 2nd competition and only our 4th overall run of the show this season. There are going to be problems at this point in the season, everyone has them. Right now the most prepared corps is winning. That’s no big deal. By the time we hit DCA this year, we know the standard that we are going to achieve. Not only will we be prepared, we will be really good also!

Next weekend is major show changes. All of the rough spots in the program will be ironed out and the show should flow much more smoothly and seamlessly. Everyone in the corps knows the major areas of change, all we have to do now is adapt to those changes as quickly as we can review the rest of the program. If we continue to work like we did this past weekend, the show changes should be a breeze, and in a few short weeks we should be able to perform the hell out of them. Just keep working and driving towards being the best you can be and everything will work out.

Contrabass, Fuck Yeah! This was a great weekend for us. We nailed down many parts of the opener that were a little shaky for us, and we also got enough review to start feeling comfortable with the rest of the program. From the field this weekend you could feel a lot of excellent moments coming from our section. If we keep building on those moments we are going to absolutely phenomenal. No one other contra line in DCA is playing the material we are playing, let alone achieving it at the level we are starting to. The talent and potential has always been there, now that we are working together to become great some really unbelievable things should start happening. We were getting positive comments from the staff and from the corps members about some of the things we were doing in practice. Those things will translate to the show soon enough. Eventually other things will really begin to line up and come across in the show as well. The ownership of the show that we began to demonstrate this weekend was awesome. Keep the focus, keep the drive, and keep the energy and we can lead this corps exactly where it needs to go.

It’s really starting to come together folks…just do what you did last weekend, every weekend for the rest of the season. The momentum can not be stopped…it will not be stopped!

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