Thursday, July 21, 2005

Step Away From the Sensitive Stick...

Is it me or has the whole world been hit over the head with the sensitive stick?

Everyone takes everything that anyone says way too personally anymore.

I have been seeing this sort of thing in everything I do, whether it's at work, or at drum corps on the weekend. People, lighten up and be yourselves. Stop being overly aware or too sensitive to your envornment and what people are saying.

That's my opinion and I am sticking to it!


Deebo said...
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Dawn Marie said...

Seriously, what is going on? Nevermind, I really dont want to know. Im turning my back and not getting involved. Im just going to show up, shut up, and put up. No board posting for me anymore. Quite honestly, we've (Rod & I) already made the decision not to march next year, so Id much rather focus on the friendships, music and other positive things than this BS.

It has completely gotten out of hand and I agree that attitudes and personal agendas have gotten in the way of what we are here to do. The PC train is blowing it, so Im getting off at the next stop.

Again, glad to know that some people realize the pettiness and ineffectualness of all this.

Shawn C. said...

I find some of it midly here at work closed door meetings and peopel getting all paraniod and sensitive about their jobs, and for absolutely no reason...and of course the entire drum corps community...heaven forbid anyone should have an opinion anymore about your own or about anyone else's drum corps (and no Kay I didn't take offense to your comments I just don't know which e-mail to respond to LOL! will you be there this weekend?)

Seriously people have just lost focus on their lives. It appears to be nothing more then real life day time TV soap opera drama driving us, whether or not is is brought on by real life situations is irrelevant.

Don't get me wrong I am not an insensitive bastard, but sometimes things just get out of hand.

What doesn the world have to do to get back on even keel again?

Deebo said...
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