Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I only know one way...

100% effort 100% of the time!

For me there is no taking a rep off. Whether it be physical reps or mental reps, I put 100% of what I have into it. I rep until I get it right then repeat it until I becomes automatic. When things become second nature to me I can really focus my efforts into performing. And that is when I start having fun out there. To me this is what the essence of performing is all about.

I have what some of us BD alums like to refer to as “The Switch.” This is the ability to turn the performance on and off at will. Having the switch allows you to be able to hang loose and not be completely serious all of the time. The switch is a level of focus that is very difficult to achieve because it takes a great deal of mental focus and discipline to know the appropriate time to shut it on and off.

As great as it sounds though, the switch is a double edged sword. While it can be great when you in performance mode it can hurt others around you when you are not in performance mode. This is one of the things I have learned, yet through old habits I find it very difficult at times to control the switch. It’s kind of like Pavlov’s theory. You say the word “set” and that is a trigger for “switch on” then you say relax and that is a trigger for “switch off.” I am trained for this, and extremely efficient at doing this.

Now my switch does not directly affect me. It does indirectly, and I will get into that in a bit. It does however directly affect those around me who don’t have the switch and need the constant level of high mental focus. This can prove to be a distraction to people around me causing them to lose focus and not perform up to their standard which in turn affects me indirectly. What happens is people miss the directions and instructions that they need in order to be successful.

The switch is like reverse ADD in this instance. You can have multiple things going on and still be able to process all of the info and perform to a high standard. I have been able to carry on full conversations, listen to 2 sets of instructions, then put everything that is expected in place when it comes time to do a rep. It’s a gift, a terrible gift to some, and a great one to others. Right now it does more harm then good.

So what am I getting at? In trying to set a good example, both current, and past examples, the switch has always been prevalent. I can set great examples on how to actually perform, but do I always show the best example between reps? My answer of course is no, because I know myself well enough.

I hate having to put forth all of this conscious effort, especially when I know how easy this activity really is!

This is just one aspect of what it is I do out there. I will discuss other in good time. Look for “the zone” to come next. After that maybe I’ll get into “relentless preparation” and my philosophy behind it.

Until next time…


Christine said...

Sorry dear, but this is just an excuse to why you can't shut up between the reps.

I hate when you go off on how great you can do things and how amazing the fact that you can process information quickly while carrying 3 different conversations on the field is. It's NOT amazing Shawn. It's anoying. It might amazes you every single time you do it because you do it right regardless of focusing on the information handed to you or not. But it doesn't amaze people around you. No body really cares.

Everybody with experience can pick things up quickly, regardless of being focused or not.

For me, I can pretty much understand what's going on without being 100% focused, but when I have you and other people talking next to me and my French ears don't get the directions correctly, like "through set 16" or "to set 16" will make a difference in screwing things up or not.

Yes Shawn you are SO GREAT. But you would be even greater if you could just respect other people's way of learning by also puting a Volume switch on that smart brain of yours.

Shawn C. said...

Your opinion is case you missed it even I said it was bad...