Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Buttons Galore!

By now many of you may have noticed an extra button or two or six on my moblog. Well lets just say I am driving traffic to try and make some extra cash. Since I am just hagning out here and canada and there is no work for me as of yet, I may as well try to make a small bit of cash through any means. I see a lot of other people doing it so I figured, what the hell.

Anyhow...I am 29 today...about to eat lunch...then shower...then it's off to the hockey game!

Club Level Seats Woooooooo!

Check out my TextAmerica Page later for updates ok!


Sara said...

Hey dude, happy birthday.

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I make $10-15 a week with blogitive and just got into payperpost and it looks like a good way to make some cash. If you use my email addy as your referral, sajulian at pobox dot com when you sign up, I get a referral fee

Good luck!

Sara said...

Duh, I should have read the rest of your blog, you got on blogitive already - right on.