Monday, November 13, 2006

The Ravens Win!

The Ravens played another close game but managed to pull out a win and are off to their best start in team history. The experts say that we have the easiest schedule of all the teams until the end of the season. We have 4 divisional games left though, and those are always tough. It looks as though we might actually make the playoffs this year and that is a good thing.

I read some of the message boards at home about the team, and everyone in the town is so negative about how they are doing. People seem to take the time to criticize every single coaching or players mistake. No one is perfect out there, but good teams find a way to overcome their mistakes and capatilize on the other teams mistakes. We are doing this and we are winning!

So no complaints out of me. I just hope they can keep this up into and through the playoffs!

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