Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tiger Woods 2007 - A Review

For everyone that has been playing the Tiger Woods series of games since 2000 here is my review of the latest edition, Tiger Woods 2007(X-Box).

The feel and the game play are exactly the same as they have been in the past versions of the TW series of games. Overall I have really enjoyed the evolution of the game since 2000. On thing I am glad they finally got rid of was the EA Gambreaker. In the past two years versions the EA Gambreaker has taken all of the challenge out of the game. Another thing I am glad to see are some of the of fantasy courses back, such as The Predator. Some diehard gaming enthusiasts might think that EA Sports is just rehashing old ideas. Personally I thought many of the old ideas worked better then some of the newer one's. Although they may be old, they are a refreshing change back to the games I have been playing now for the last 7 years.

They kept the accumulation of stat points the same as in the past years version of Tiger Woods. They have changed how you go about doing it. This years TW is set up for a lot of team matches. Once you defeat a player you recruit them to your team and build their stats just as you build yours. It's a new twist to the mundane match play games that you had to go through in order to build up your characters stats before.

They have also introduced a variety of new games. The biggest one you ill notice will be a game called One Ball. In One Ball you play against a computer opponent and the one who gets the ball in the hole wins. The whole idea is to set up your opponent so that they leave the ball close enough for you to knock it in. I really like this game mode, and it really speeds up the progress of the game.

You'll see a lot of the same fantasy characters as before and the list of PGA Golfers remains basically the same. I have always enjoyed what the TW series of games has to offer, and although this one returned to it's roots, they put out a product that includes all of the features from that past that were really good, and have added new one's for future growth.

I recommend this game to anyone who has been playing the TW series of games. I can't wait to try the PS2 and X-Box 360 versions!

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