Thursday, December 14, 2006

The NFL Season is winding down

But the playoffs are just heating up. The best thing for me is the my Baltimore Ravens are right there in the hunt for one of the top playoff spots this year. They are playing well of late save for the last Cincinnati game when it appeared that they were sleepwalking instead of playing football. I am thinking that if they can get a first round bye that they should be able to get to at least the AFC Championship game this year, and have a reasonable shot at going all the way, but a lot of things just have to go your way in order to win the Superbowl.

At times I miss being at home because the town is probably buzzing right now about the team. I remember how it was back in 2000. Everyone in town was Raven mad. Lets hope they play well for the rest of the season and into the post season. Given the age of this team they don't have too many more opportunities like this one.

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