Friday, February 09, 2007

Another Cool Music Sharing Website

I found another great music sharing website yesterday called imeem. It allows you to upload mp3's. It appears as though this site will also allow you to upload photos and video as well. It also appears that there is a blog function though I have not yet explored that. What I like best about imeem is that you can embed it's player into any site that lets you modify or post html. You can embed single songs, or entire play lists. You can set the player to auto play or have the users click manually to play the song. Personally I prefer the manual play because I hate it when I log on to a site and I have to be interrupted by someone else's music! In any event I am going to post one of the song from my library here.

This is Spinnin, by the Kelly Bell Band. This is a local group out of Baltimore. It is a mixture of blues, rock, jazz, and funk and only Kelly Bell can deliver it this way. Go check out the Phat Blues Website today and order some of his CD's. They only cost $7 and this is some high quality music! Now listen to the track and tell me what you think!


DeaconBlues said...

Very cool - Headed to check out their site now!!

Two Drink Girl said...

Here via Blogmad. Great tip, thanks!