Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dinner with a view, snow...and the Booty Song!

The view from our table, originally uploaded by spcbrass.

What do you think? Not a bad view is it! Last night we had dinner at Restaurant l'académie in Montreal. The food there is really excellent! I had mussels, Christine had veal. I'll let her blog about dinner! We would have taken pictures of dinner, but we already looked like camera freaks between her cell phone and me taking this picture last night!

And we definitely got snow, not as much as they did in central and western NY, but we got some. I would really like to go get some pictures out there but with the wind I am afraid I'll either freeze to death or blow away today!

In other news I still need a haircut. I would go today, but I don't have the same abominable snowman outfit that Christine has for -33 weather! I know the place is literally just around the corner, but as far as I am concerned right now down the steps it too far for me to go!

For those of you that need a laugh today, listen to this!

This weekend is a Brigadiers weekend! Stay tuned for updates!


Demon23... said...

Rock on with the pic... you have that creative thing going on. I did the blog and all that jazz. dude just let your significant other chop the hair. I am sure everyone would not laugh at it...

NoMas said...

Beautiful view. If it is THAT cold there, you are better off with longer hair!