Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Choose To Follow The Sun

Another LOUD Tour TV music video! Music by the Kelly Bell Band. I shot this while I was out putting together tomorrow's episode of LOUD Tour TV! Tell my what you think!

I've got a whole new show for you tomorrow! Episode 6 has a lot more content then most episodes, but it's also a lot more about me! Tell everyone you know about LOUD Tour TV! Promote, Promote, Promote! Tell all of your friends, hell tell all of your enemies if you want! If you promote my show on your blog, I'll give your blog some face time in a future episode of LOUD Tour TV! In other words, if you hook me up, I'll hook you up! Just show me where you have promoted LOUD Tour TV on your blog and I will take care of the rest!


NoMas said...

Interesting! How did you make it seem as if you were effortlessly moving forward in the video?

Demon23... said...

I have not watched the last few videos and have not commented that much on the loud tour. Sorry man.

Thanks for helping me out with that site.

Tonight I will sign on and watch'em and comment.

I made a new link for you...

Shawn C. said...

Nomas, the effect in the beginning is one that can be added in windows movie maker, everything else is is done by me with some interesting speeding up or slowing down of time. Once I get Quicktime Pro it will be even easier to make these edits!

Demon, I know the feeling of not having much time. In fact I have kind of rushed the last two episodes of LOUD Tour TV together. It's not that I have lost my vision, but I have lost the time that is required to film all of the material. Thanks for the new link!