Thursday, March 29, 2007

LOUD Tour TV Episode 6.5

Episode 6.5?!?! Yes, I was not too happy with the product that was Episode 6 for many reasons! So I went out today and put some new footage together complete with a little personality and fun! You will find this one more pleasing to watch and maybe even get a laugh or two out of it!

So as you can see, I have been filming a lot this week to make up for last week's lack of filming! I have been shooting (and walking) so much these past few days that my brain (and my feet) are starting to hurt. I have also shot another music video to be released tomorrow. The video is already finished, but I am holding off for now!

I will also be attempting (key word here is attempting) to get some footage from the road and possibly from Syracuse this weekend. All media shot of the drum corps must be approved my corps management before it can be distributed anywhere on the internet. I was going to try and keep it less about the corps and more about The LOUD Tour and friends of The LOUD Tour, but since the way I present myself and present my friends in the video is ultimately a representation of the corps I must run it through the powers that be first. It's not that we don't want our work to be shown out there, however there is a chance that people would use it to maliciously harm or misrepresent our organization. Despite taking all precautions necessary with the proper disclaimers or by using creative commons as a means to license my videos so that no one may use content in any way these things have happened in the past to our organization and to other organizations as well. That's right folks, only in drum corps could Freedom of Speech and Censorship clash in such a way!


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