Sunday, March 11, 2007

So Many Changes! More to Come!

So by now many of you have been reading about and seeing the changes that I have brought to my blog. Today's latest addition comes from Twitter. This is another step that I have decided to take to allow more interactivity with my readers. I hope to update it regularly and give people a run down of what exactly is going on in the world of The LOUD Tour.

By now many of you may have noticed that I have switched my videos from YouTube to Blip TV. I am very happy with the switch. Not only can I bring you LOUD Tour TV in a more efficient manner, but I can also bring it to you in higher resolution because of the improved video format. You will also notice that unlike YouTube, MySpace, and Google video there is no watermark on the video. That is a huge plus! I will continue to load videos to YouTube from time to time, however those will only be the videos that show the most interest.

Another thing that I really like about Blip TV is the fact the LOUD Tour TV gets it's own full page dedicated to everything about LOUD Tour TV. Be sure to visit The Official LOUD Tour TV Page. Or get up to the minute updates by Subscribing to LOUD Tour TV.

I have other big news this week for LOUD Tour TV viewers. Stay tuned here and to the Official LOUD Tour TV Page for details really soon!

In other news it looks as though winter might be on the way out here in Montreal. It's still cold outside, but the days of -38 temperatures seems to be behind us. This means that I should be able to get out and shoot a lot more picture and video footage from some happenings around the city! I look forward to better weather and more time spent outside of the house!

The next big project for The LOUD Tour is going to be a major face lift. I have heard from several of you out there in the bloggosphere that I have great content, but an awful look! I have taken each of your comments into consideration and I am aware that changes need to be made in the visual department! So whoever has a really creative idea for a design and layout feel free to pass it along! If I use your design I will do a video review of your blog on a future episode of LOUD Tour TV!


Shelly said...

Like the changes. It is finally starting to warm up here in Michigan. Can't wait to see the grass, I am so sick of snow. Thanks again for joining my directory! I'll be back!!

surf said...

What a really good blog, have to leave a message and disappear or I would be here all, Seriously keep up the excellent work. Its a great day outside in the south west of scotland so I am going to try & get an early suntan..? Kind regards.

Shawn C. said...

Thanks for the kind words surf! Enjoy your suntan!

The snow is melting here too shelly! I can't wait for spring!