Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is It Wednesday Already?

Yup, it sure is! And best of all I have absolutely nothing to show for it. That's right folks, no episode of LOUD Tour TV today. As I said earlier this week, I wasn't going to take too much time to do any filming because I have too many loose ends to tie up for this weekend. I have two more to take care of. The first is finalizing my travel plans to and from PA. The second is securing a horn for the gig! The second should be a piece of cake. I should be able to call in a favor with the Naval Academy Drum & Bugle Corps to get the horn. After all I did work with them for for close to 5 years and I helped them to get the new horns they are using today!

The travel part is going to be tricky. It's not the time involved in traveling because I have all of the time in the world. It's the money part of things. We are a bit tight in the budget department these days, especially having to pay for Brigs and all. I will get the money back, but in the end I am not going to make as much this weekend as I had originally hoped. I still plan to go because I am a man of my word and I will still give a quality performance because it will set me up to get future gigs and to make more cash in the future.

So that's really it for now. Just a quick update for everyone. I plan on shooting some footage from the train and everything in my travels this weekend and I'll try to edit and post it some time late Saturday or Sunday. Until then, you are just going to have to wait!

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Sara said...

Hey - have a good weekend, tell Joey I said hey. (And kick that idiot RR in the balls if you see him...)

Off to cali next Tuesday, see you in Rochester!