Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Some Days You Just Gotta Update!

And today looks like one of those days! For those of you expecting LOUD Tour TV Episode 7 to come out today, you are going to have to wait until some time tomorrow. First I have a cut on the inside of my mouth that makes eating, and even speaking quite painful. It is getting better each day and I hope to be close to 100% tomorrow. So instead of doing a video today, I am going to rest and go all out for tomorrow. Also Christine is home sick today and some of the things that I have planed for the video might me too loud and annoy her, so I am putting off shooting anything until tomorrow morning as well.

In related news I may have my first actual video editing project that pays! Now granted the guy is a friend of mine, but he likes what I have done with the show and has asked me to help him put together a cool video and picture montage for his final exam in 6 weeks. I will meet with him tomorrow to catch up and to discuss some of the details of exactly what he wants to get out of the video. At the very least this will be a resume builder and be able to showcase some of my skills as an editor.

We had a good weekend at Brigadiers this past weekend. The corps is in semi-stealth mode with regards to what is going on, but this year closely resembles 2004, only with less super stars, but better team players and a much better attitude. This group feels like it will rely much more on work ethic rather then raw talent to get by. It should make for an exciting season so long as we have that majority of folks in on a full time basis once we hit the field next month.

I will unfortunately be missing the next camp because I have been hired to play in a couple of gigs that weekend. Sometimes you have to go where the money is. This will be the 3rd camp that I have ever missed since 2001. I know I missed most of last year, but that was also when I was planning on not coming back. From the weekend that I told everyone that I intended to be there full time, I did not miss even one minute of rehearsal.

So that's it for now, I hope everyone has enjoyed my music videos over the past week. I have multiple other music videos in the planning stages. Some footage has been shot, but not set to any particular music of yet. Other videos have the music chosen, but do not have video footage yet! Stay tuned later this week for another music video and hopefully tomorrow I can get Episode 7 of LOUD Tour TV out to you!


NoMas said...

That's neat you will be helping your friend (and getting $) with a video. That will also give you the opportunity to shoot something different. Good luck.

Shawn C. said...

I look forward to doing this job too. The actual work and filming should be really cool!