Monday, May 28, 2007

Another Great Concept From PPP

PayPerPost has just launched a new and exciting program that is available to all bloggers that are looking to make some extra cash while blogging. The new program is called PPP Direct. It is very simple to use and very easy to install on your blog! Advertisers can then browse through different blogs and then hire bloggers directly to post about their specific product or service!

There are two great things that I really like about about PPP Direct! The first is the ability for you to set the minimum amount of money that you would like to receive for each PPP Direct offer. This way if you set your minimum offer to $10 you will get offers for posts that will pay you $10 or more. This is a really great feature for those of us that have been doing the blog advertising for some time now and don't want to have to go through a bunch of $5 offers to find something of relevance to our blog.

The second thing that I really like about PPP Direct is that you actually get to keep more of the money that you earn. PayPerPost's competitors will often charge a 50%-100% markup to advertisers. So if you are making $10 on a post the other guys are making anywhere from $5-$10 on your work. What PPP Direct does is only charge a 10% markup fee of which 5% is used to cover the cost of PayPal and credit card fees. The result of this is the ability of PPP Direct to get you more offers because advertisers are going to give more of their business to PPP Direct then the other guys. The end result is more opportunities for you and also more money in your pocket!

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