Monday, May 14, 2007

The Return Of The LOUD Tour!

Finally after a one month hiatus I will be returning to a regular blogging schedule. A few things have changed, for instance I'm now doing all of my blogging and surfing with a Mac! I've also changed cameras, so we will see what kind of difference I get with picture a video quality. It should be relatively the same as before. No HD camera, because of the circumstances here in real life I am just not able to afford one of those at this time. Maybe in the future depending on how other things work out. Basically I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. So look for more episodes of LOUD Tour TV in the near future. For now I have to somehow rebuild my 2500 song music library. Some of those recording were very rare and difficult to find, but in good time I hope to recover most of them. Well that's it for now, stay tuned really soon for plenty of updates to The LOUD Tour.


Demon23... said...

Glad to have you back. Did you get some boys with baseball bats to work on the hotel for you or was it more mature and boring... with a lawyer and no jail time for you or your friends?

Oh for your first video back, can you do something like interview people with dumb responses to a rather horrible situation like the seven o'clock news.

sir jorge said...

glad to see the return!

NoMas said...

Welcome back to Bloggersville!