Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So Many Projects, So Little Time!

It's true, I have been extremely busy lately! I know it's not a regular nine to five job like most people in the world have to deal with everyday, but it really does take a lot more creative energy to keep things in order. It has been different these past ten months not having a job and then picking up all sort of new things that I am interested in doing. Whether it as been pictures, videos, or blogging, it has certainly stretched the limits of my creativity and my creative energy.

Lets start with the blogs. At one time I was on my way to setting up 4 or 5 different blog projects. The main goal of the blog projects was to make some money, but while I was developing my reputation in the blogging world and raising my rank and meeting the requirements to make the money, the qualifications changed. It made the prospect of making money that much more difficult, because you need to have a blog that is extremely popular and reaches a lot of people in order to have the best money making potential. I for one am not going to "sell out" in order to make a lot of money with my blog. Basically if there is nothing to advertise that I am interested in, then I am not going to do it. Well to make a long story short I put all of the other blogs to rest and no longer update those. It is just too difficult to build up multiple blogs to a high level just to make a little cash. In the grand scheme of things all it really amounts to is a little bit of pocket money anyway.

So lets get on to the pictures. For a couple of years I have been taking a lot of pictures and posting them online with my cell phone. Only recently have I started taking high quality shots with a good camera. I have been told that I have an eye for taking great pictures. In fact Christine has decorated around the apartment with some of my pictures and other people have asked for copies of them as well. I have put pictures on the back burner lately as well, though I have been meaning to take a lot more. It's funny because I take my camera with me everywhere I go, but my mind is so consumed with other things that I often forget to take it out and capture the moments. On my way to Brigs this weekend I did manage to capture a great sunset. Here are a few shots that I did manage to get! For more pictures please visit my Flickr page.

Sunset on the Bridge

These days, in case you can't tell, it is video that consumes most of my time. I have been shooting videos now for almost 5 months. Of course I have my LOUD Tour TV series. From that series I spun off LOUD Tour TV Music Video, which is a collection of music videos that I have shot and edited that I include along with my regular series. All things on that front are going quite well, but I have been neglecting that a bit due in large part to Operator 11. Operator 11 gives you the ability to broadcast live social internet television right from your own home. I have been there nearly three weeks now and let me tell you, the possibilities with it are endless. I do have some gripes about it though as it is really it's own little subculture of people and trying to break in and find you own little niche can be very difficult. You really are competing in a sense for time slots and for viewers. It is just like any other network, they want you to watch their shows. Now of course we all do support one another with our shows, but there still is competition to gain a viewer ship and to gain popularity. If you happen to broadcast at the same time as a very popular user, you aren't going to get the views. If they happen to decide to randomly do a broadcast while you are in the middle of yours, you will have the same problem. So far I have managed a mixed bag of success with some shows being very highly rated and very highly viewed and others being barely seen or viewed at all. It really is hit or miss. but I intend to keep on trying.

So now on to the grand scheme of where this is going to take me in life! Honestly who knows? It sure beats a nine to five job working really hard so that someone else can become rich. But on the other hand, none of this brings in any money. And herein lies the key towards a successful life. You need to find what you love to do and then the money will come to you. Well I think I have found it, now I just need all of the exposure and help that I can get to get both my work and my personality out there. So the window of opportunity is very wide open, I just have to find a way to capitalize, grab hold and hang on for the ride. Someday all of this work will lead to bigger and better things, all I can do is wake up tomorrow and keep working towards those goals.

Well that's my time for tonight. I have to get some sleep and get the creative juices going again for tomorrow. I have lots of video and pictures to work on, as well as planning a show for Operator 11, and putting together an internet reality show for someone else! It's going to be a busy day! See everyone soon!


sir jorge said...

i know how it is to be busy...i have 9 blogs, working on a 10th and working full time, meanwhile doing ebay and trying to stay sane along the way

Demon23... said...

I am digg'in the photos. Sorry I have not visited your blog in a while. I have been so busy. I bought a house, yet you knew that already. Hope everything is rocking like the 80's yet without the mullets.

Shawn C. said...

Sir Jorge, Cool Blog I enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by!

Demon, I know you've been busy! Kids, a house and life does that sometimes! No mullets rocking in here either!