Friday, August 03, 2007

Another Week In The Books...Well Almost!

Yet another has come and gone and before I head out the door for the weekend I suppose I should take a look back at what has gone on in the past few weeks and let you in on what I've been up to! Sure posting lots of videos and articles is one thing, but all of that is merely a byproduct of what I have been doing!

Let's first start with LOUD Tour TV and all of the madness that has spawned since it's creation back in March. I am still filming episodes, but they are coming out later then I would like. Much of that has to do with getting too many projects rolling at the same time. I am focusing more on the music videos these days then the actual episodes, and for good reason! The music videos are much more popular then the episodes and there is a much higher demand for them, so this is where I am focusing m time. With that thought in mind I have decided to change the format of LOUD Tour TV. It originally started off to be a show about me and about my life to supplement The LOUD Tour. Some people are interested in the show, but the interest has not spread as far as I would have liked. I think people need more variety to keep them interested. So it comes down to this, I need to get some guests and some more original material on the show in order to broaden the audience and increase it's popularity. So the episodes may be farther and fewer in between, but the content should be significantly better then before. Look for new episodes of LOUD Tour TV in it's new format to start near the end of August.

LOUD Tour TV v3.0 is still in it's infancy as well. I know you are probably asking yourself what the hell happened to v2.0? Well that idea got scrapped in it's infancy when Operator 11 came along. I was looking for places to put live video on the internet and increase user interactivity. Operator 11 gave me everything I was looking for and much more. I am still in the process of building a regular viewer ship right now, and it is difficult to find the right time to air my show to get the maximum number of users to view it. The real key is getting the live viewers to the show and getting them involved in the interactive experience. I have lots of great ideas, now it's just a matter of getting the people involved in the show so those ideas can be realized.

As you can tell video and live video has become a big part of my life these days. It's all part of trying to launch myself into a new career. There are going to be a lot of trials and tribulations along the way, but I figure the more I put my stuff out there, the better chance I have of actually getting noticed and succeeding at what I want to do.

Oh yeah there is also this drum corps thing! You people that have known me for a while probably thought I forgot, but I haven't. I'm still out there busting my butt and competing at the top of my game. The only difference is that these days I lead the people that want to be better and keep my mouth shut to the rest of the drum corps community. Yup, that's right I am identifying and building leaders for the future of the activity. You can have all of your trophies, rings, and medals! I'm in the business of developing performers while also stretching the limits of my own performance level. It might not show yet, but in time it most definitely will!

Last thing and I'm done I swear! You may notice a crazy thing called "guest posts" at the end of the first post on my blog these days. Well guys this is a great way to get other readers to view your blog entries and leave comments. Guest Posts is sponsored by PostReach which is the same people that brought you the cool little Click Comments buttons at the end of each of my posts. So be sure to check them out and add these cool features to your blog! And while you are at it, please click on the little comment icons at the bottom of this posts! I would really appreciate it!

That's it for now! Please Check out my live show today on Operator 11! See you next week!

Looks Like I got featured again on the Operator 11 front page! Check out the show!

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