Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Feel's So Green

Here is another vdeo from the LOUD Tour TV Music Video series. This one is called, "Feel's So Green." Footage in filmed on Crescent Street here in Montreal during a busy afternoon. The look and color of the video gives it sort of a night time feel, which I think is very cool. Music is by Jamiroquai. This is the hidden track on the Funk Odyssey Album.
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)


Maurits said...

beautiful effect usage here Shawn, I guess you used several layers of effecting here.

Shawn C. said...

I used 4 different layers of effects for this one. Originally I had done this video in blue (because blue is my favorite color of course!) but I decided to switch it to green because the effect is that much cooler and something that people would enjoy. It also gave a much better "neon" effect!