Monday, August 27, 2007

These days updates are few and far between!

It seems that way in the summer time with most blogs doesn't it? And I think that it directly correlates with people being on vacation and enjoying more of their free time and the weather. I know for me personally I tend to do a lot less blogging during the warm months then I do during the cold months. A good part of that is being on the road every weekend in the summer time and being out enjoying other things during the week. I suspect that like the rest of you I will return to a more frequent blogging schedule as the weather begins to cool off and the days begin to get shorter. Much of the bloggosphere will be spending more time in front of their computers and writing and reading a whole lot more. I guess you can count me in for this as well!

So anyhow let's move on to a few updates. I really don't have much this week to speak of. We had a great rehearsal and a pretty solid show this weekend and I like where we are heading into DCA weekend. It should be a fun time and I will be able to get a chance to catch up to the people that I haven't seen since last DCA. The competition itself is really secondary to me. For many people it is life and death where they place come DCA finals. I guess they feel the need to be important or to have bragging rights going into next years DCA's. Lets just say I have won this thing a few times, placed second quite a few times, and not even made finals one year and despite winning or losing it is all about performing and having a good time at the party after finals. For those of you that have dedicated your entire summer to winning and do end up as the champs, congrats! Just stay humble and true to your friendships and to building friendships with as many other people as you can. If you fall short of your goals, here is no shame in coming in 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 10th, or not even advancing to finals. Remember you are out there every weekend doing things that ordinary people are not capable of doing. Treat the experience as just that, a great experience.

Here is an interesting side note to all of this winning and losing stuff. My most enjoyable summers have resulted in the following finishes at DCA:
1995 - 2nd
1997 - 11th
2002 - 1st
2004 - 2nd
2006 - 6th
2007 - ?

Well I guess that is about it for today. The rest of the week is going to be spent relaxing and getting ready for DCA championships. I might even do a few blog updates from there just to tell you how things are going!

Until next time...

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