Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And We're Back!

Home at last and finally somewhat rested from the festivities of DCA weekend. Overall it was a great weekend. All ups and no real downs either. Our prelims performance was a bit of a letdown, but sometimes a flat show just happens. We managed to turn it around for finals and put on one hell of a performance. I've got nothing really to say about scoring or placements, because frankly I just didn't care.

What I wanted to happen all season long finally happened in the past few weeks with the corps and we really came a long way this season and finally performed up to the level that we were capable of performing. I thought that maybe I would have some crazy emotions this weekend, but there was never even a glimmer of it. I showed up, performed with emotion week in and week out, so really when it got down to it, finals was no different. I was more excited that more people around me could reach the same level and that made the performance very enjoyable and a whole lot of fun.

So now it's on to real life for a while. I went to see someone about a construction job today. $10 under the table and part time which for me is a plus especially with all of the video projects that I plan on getting myself into very soon. We could really use the extra money to pay the bills and to have some fun ourselves. Drum corps really does put quite a strain on the wallet after a whole season. In any event I start working tomorrow!

So that's about it for now...stay tuned for lots of other news and cool stuff coming soon!

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