Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Another Day

Another Dollar...

Today is another payroll day, filled with lots of insanity. Wednesday's kick my ass, but I think the kick everyone's ass though. Not nearly as tough as a Monday though, especially after i get back from being on the road.

And in other news...

I am getting my CD's back! I know I wrote about it yesterday, but I spent so much time and money putting that collection together. I was so pissed at myself because it's not like me to forget stuff. But I got word that they are safe and I will get them back in a few short weeks when we have camp again!

I found a glitch/problem with Madden 2005. It is a problem on both the Playstation 2 and X-Box versions. Week 16 when playing as the Baltimore Ravens will not load during the first season. I did find a way around it though. You can select to watch the game (pick no team) then switch to your team once the game starts. I wonder if this is a problem with any of the other teams. I am going to send an e-mail today to EA sports to see if this glitch has happened to others as well...for those of you wondering, I beat Pittsburg soundly...70 - 0!

Also having a weird problem with my new cell phone. It goes into this crazy standby type mode whenever I get a lapse in service. The phone is frozen with a blue screen and wont even shut off. Problem is, it doesn't come out of it...weird. It's a Sony Ericsson z500a. Anyone else have this phone and have a similar problem? If it is indeed a factory defect I am taking it back for either a new one, or a different phone.

Drum Corps News...

Camp is over 2 long weeks away. I hate it when we take this month off stuff during the winter season. I feel like the group this year is not losing focus nearly as much as we have done in the past though. Everyone is just a bit more hungry this year then in the past. It's a different kind of fire and it's a really good kind. To till have momentum even when we have so much down time is a really good thing for the group. On our private board we still have varying differences of opinion in approach and attitude, but it's a healthy difference. No one is saying, "I'm right and you gotta do it my way." So everyone's approach is slightly different, and as long as we get the desired end result we are going to be just fine.

I am told the contra section is finally full. We have a Bari player that has been here that is interested in switching. I am trying to figure out where to put him in the line so that he benefits and learns the quickest. Next to me is the obvious choice. I will talk to both him and Ryan about it in the coming weeks before camps. If he is srious about marching contra, then I can show him the ropes and get him off to a pretty fast start. The line as it stands right now is really solid, and we have a great sound. We also have a great Chemistry. Nick is going to fit in just fine with this group.

And in Life News...

Still looking for a place to live near work. Apartments here are kinda expensive. They start at $900 and go up from there for a 1 bedroom. The only plus to that is they are big. 900 square ft! They have ceiling fans, washer and dryer, patio, gas and water is paid, pool, rec center. So the deal isn't all that bad. The reason for the move is to get closer to work. Option 2 is to look into renting a room in the area. There is a shitload of townhomes in ther area, and I am sure that someone has fixed up a studio apartment in their basement and is willing to rent it to a guy with steady income, who doesn't smoke, and doesn't cause a lot of trouble. I have good references so, I should be ok.

Well guys it's 9 am, do you know where your kids are? Gotta sign off for now. Stay out of trouble people and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

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