Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Caught up in the Ring...

I've seen it so many times. From professional sports teams to corporate businesses. Everyone wants awards and accolades. Everyone wants to be the best. Everyone wants to come out on top. Competition drives and motivates so many of us. One problem, many of us do it so blindly that we will never achive any of these awards or accolades that we are looking for. We get caught up in the "motions" of winning rather then focusing on how to really get there. Just because you are good, or better then you have ever been does NOT mean that you are going to get anywhere. There are so many intangibles that is takes to put together any kind of winning team whether it is in sports, business, or in my case drum corps.

People try to talk all the time about these "intangibles." Heart, Desire, Focus, Energy, Attitude, Approach and Chemistry just to name a few. You can talk all you want about having these things, but until you actually understand them and apply them your are going nowhere. I have seen and been a part of both sides of this coin.

People are caught up right now in championship mode. Their war cry has gone up, "We're Gonna Win!" And they might win, but most likely not without sacrificing some level of integrity along the way. Yes this includes some people that I know and perform with as well. There are two things that will cause people to lose this integrity, Ignorance and Arrogance. It happens when you get caught in the act of winning instead of focusing on what really matters. I woudl tell you, but this is one of those intangibles that I hold very near and dear to my own level of personal achievement. By personal achievement I don't mean awards or championships, I mean how well I did "max out" my performance versus how much I could have "maxed out" my performance.

That my friends takes the seven intangibles that I mentioned earlier plus many others. One question and then I am done.

What is all this business about, the final result or the journey?

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