Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Full Plate some Golf and a little Drum Corps

It’s official, I am overwhelmed! Work is kicking my ass. Right now it’s work 631 me 0! Just trying to dig out of a pretty big hole here since the world kind of opened up and dumped on me late last week.

Also still waiting to hear some news on an apartment. Places here are expensive! But the neighborhood is really good. Plus the apartments I am looking at back right up to a golf course! Can’t beat that, because I love to play golf!

Speaking of golf, I have managed to shave off 7 strokes in the last 2 weeks. I am making smarter decisions out there and executing 1000% better. Here is the tough part about the sport though, I could go out there next week and lay up a huge number. Hopefully all of the things I have been working on will continue to show. My goal was to get down to the low 90’s this year consistently. I may have to revise that and give myself something to work towards!

Why are we taking so long off in between camps! A month is way too long. Everyone is itching to get back in the line and play again. Luckily in this time off we have fueled the fire so to speak and we can come out next weekend with a solid approach. Granted we will have to knock the dust off the horns and get some of the cobwebs out, but this group of people seems to be able to will that upon themselves and just get the job done. We did it from the first camp after being off for 4 months, so 1 month isn’t going to hurt us one bit.

Still haven’t gone to the gym in quite a while. Luckily I eat a fairly healthy diet and stay active during the week so that I am not putting on all the weight I lost last year. For the record I was up to 188 last year. I got all the way down to 160. I have maintained the 160-165 range for over 6 months now. I still want to improve my overall size and strength though. My flexibility and endurance is pretty good. I just want a tight look to go along with what I already have. With everything on my plate though I had to step away for a while. Here is hoping that the Apartment and Work situation will rectify themselves in a few short weeks.

Well thanks for reading…gotta get back to my world of insanity!

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