Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A small rant (warning not PG rated)

Why the fuck are fucking apartments so fucking expensive? For some reason my tight ass state or rich money grubbing mother fuckers has become impossible to live in. Everything costs more fucking money, but there is no one around here making shit enough to pay for anything. The separation here between the have's and have not's is growing out of control! It's all those fuck's from the city moving out into the coutinies and their expensive ass multimillion dollar homes, and their modern shopping centers selling retro shit that costs way more then any "normal" person around here makes. What the fuck does a regular guy like me have to do to make a fucking dollar around here, or even find a place that accepts my dollar for what it is instead of some tight ass high falutent mother fuckers "interprtation" of what a dollar is? This shit is rediculous. This shit is out of control. This shit has got to stop. Everything costs way too much fucking money.

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