Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My Two Favorite Sports

My favotite to watch...NFL Football!

My favorite to play...Golf!

And right now, I can't have either of them! The NFL season is months away. It is a great fix for me in the offseason. I swear I gear my whole weekend around "the game." Complete with wings, beer, football jerseys, surround sound on a big ass tv for away games and going to at least 3-4 home games a year. Luckily we have a great hook up for tickets pretty much whenever we want them because of some good friends.

And with the crappy weather golf is also out of the question. Mind you, I totally suck at the sport, but I do enjoy it! I am so hoping that the weather forecast changes for this weekend so that I get a chance to go out there and endanger the lives of a few individulas, some trees, and the local wildlife again! The grass doesn't have to worry too much because I spend a lot of time in the woods LOL! Ok maybe I'm not that bad, just inconsistent. To me this sport is harder then playing any musical instrument.

Well that's enough out of me again for now. I will be watching the weather as always hoping that it will change for the better. Cross your fingers people, I really need to play!

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