Wednesday, March 16, 2005

So just what is going on?

Today was a busy day. I have about had my fill of everything that I can possibly do here today at work. For those that don't know I work as an accounting assistant for a construction company. If anythign gets entered into the accounting system here at my job, it has to go through me.

Wednesdays are about the toughest days for me. It starts with the stress of payroll and only picks up from there. By the time 4 o'clock rolls around I have all the brain capacity of a garden gnome. I don't even have the mental stamina to sit down in front of a TV set right now. It happens though, after 3 years of working here you get used to Wednesdays being the day from hell.

I have to begin the apartment search thing very soon. I have to be out of my place by the end of May. Right now I am looking into the possibility of moving closer to my job. The only trouble is this area is growing out of control and things are getting too expensive. WAY too expensive. I'll have to find my way here really soon or else I will be in a bind a month from now. I am confident that things will work out. They usually do.

I also need to get back to the gym. The last month has been pretty stressful for me at work plus the weather has been crappy. Not exactly things that make you want to go work out. I was going pretty solid again for a couple of months, but like I said i needed some sort of break from my always busy and always on the go lifestyle for a little while. Things at work are beginning to settle down which is good, so I should have more time again for working out soon.

Still waiting on the status of my CD's too, and for the weather report to change for this weekend. Why is it then whenever I finally get a chance to do what I want for a weekend that the weather does not cooperate? GRRRRRR.....

Anyhow seeing as how I have lost myself once again (typical Wednesday) I should get going. If you should happen to see me please tell me not to come back until tomorrow morning!

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