Friday, April 08, 2005

Camp This Weekend!

As promised in my last post here is a pre-camp report!

Well it's Friday and I am out of here in a couple of hours to head up to Syracuse for another camp weekend. We are expecting a full turnout this weekend for the hornline (well not full because we know of at least 3 people that have prior commitments or are working.) Those people however are committed for the summer, or should be committed, but hey anyone that would put yourself throuhg something like this ought to be committed...or at least seriously evaluated by a mental heath professional, present company included!

I have been in constant contact with our caption head in the past few weeks just trying to confirm everyone who is going to be there, particularly in the Contra section. I want a full line and we are so close. Right now the line is palying really good right now for this time of year. Given the difficulty of the book and how well we are playing it right now, it is going to make for a really fun summer. This is the hardest bok I have played here at the Brigs on contra, and it seems as though the section is going to rise to the occasion and give it their all. In a fwe weeks we begin to put this stuff on the field, and hopefully all of our practice time so far will really pay off. I have a feeling it will.

The rest of the hornline sounds like it is in good shape also. High brass was fine with the numbers all winter, it was low brass, mainly baritones, that we were concerned about. We have a lot of folks coming in now to check it out, some very talented players. It looks like the Bari section may have the most overall youth of the hornline, but all are experienced players, which is a plus. Once they get into what we are doing here they will be just fine.

The Brittish are coming! Damon (master) Bates is on his way from joly old England as we speak. He is bringing a snare player also. We also have a guy from Germany coming over to play with us in the baritone line. It should be fun to see how this group of people fits together. Everyone loves Damon, he is one hell of a guy, and a great personality too which is good for the group.

This group has a lot of personalities. You see a lot of us everyday on sites like DCP. We have so much fun at rehearsals and socializing afterwards. It really is a close group of people. Most of us have been marching together now for a few years and the new people generally are friends with one of the current members and they just gel right in with everyone else.

Well I am going to try to link Rutt's Blog to mine and also Sara's blog to mine so we can all give you up to the minute comrehensive reports on how camp is going. It looks like we might be able to actually go outside this time! Maybe we can get some live Audio Blog MP3's to happen!

Well that's it folks I am off for now...I'll try to call from the road and give you an on the road camp report as we are driving. To all my fellow Brigs reading this, Drive safe this weekend and I'll see you soon!


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