Friday, April 08, 2005


LOUD because I like to play loud and there will be plenty of that this weekend!

MEAT because this year I am out for blood....MOUHAHAHAHA!!!!! (Oh and ya gotta eat something!)

BEER because the party at The Waterfront this weekend after practice is going to be Epic (Yuge even!)

NOW just because!

Well I have been in hiding this week (or so the say) but that is not entirely accurate! I have been playing this new game on X-box "Mercenaries." I am addicted, it's the new crack! Think of it as Grand Theft Auto but the military version. I spent Tuesday night driving around in a tank for 4 hours wreaking havoc all over North Korea! The game is flat out insane, and very addicting!

Also I have been kinda busting my arse here at work. Finally getting some things done now that "audit season" is coming to a close. This is a HUGE relief off my shoulders! Now all I need is a raise *hint* *hint* and a place to live and I am all set!

Camp this weekend is going to be awesome...more to come in a future post today!

Gotta run for now...Hasta la Later!

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