Friday, April 01, 2005


3 terms that don't apply today! There is nothign new, fun, or exciting going on. It's just another blah day here in the accounting world.

So last night I tried some audio posting for the first time. The files came out, but I didn't like the quality. I went and checked out a jazz combo last night with a friend of mine. Since I didn't particularly care for the quality of the files or of the playing during those recordings, I deleted them. Sorry guys you are going to have to wait for another time for me to post files.

Which leads me to my next idea...I might try and get a live post from a show sometime this season, from on field warmups until the end of the show. Makes me wonder what the quality will be and how things will turn out, but you never know until you try. We'll give it a try in practice just to see how things go at first. I suspect that it won't be easy, but there is always a way!

Tomorrow is the Dixie Stinger here in Baltimore. For those of you who don't know what this is, it is an old school drum corps stage show. Mostly alumni corps playing. I have some friends from Brigs who will be in town just to play the gig though, so we might get together to hang out, though no formal plans have been made at this point. But hey we have never made formal plans even when we have had time constraints or commitments so why ruin our perfect record of imperfection!

The weather here absolutely blows monkey nuts. It has been so nice outside (finally) for 3 days. Now tonight the torrential monsoon moves in. Heavy rain and lots of wind just in time for the weekend. OH JOY!!!!! Just once when I have a weekend off I would like some decent weather, you know something I can enjoy, maybe go outside and wear a t shirt, instead of 4 different layers of clothes to keep myself warm and dry. Looks like golf is all but totally impossible. That is unless I go out and play in my "Scuba Steve Gear!" Really it's not worth it to me. Guess we'll have to go party instead!

Well this weekend isn't shapin gup to what I had planned, but I guess I'll figure it out. Dinne rtonight would be a start...I have been hungry since 1:00 (which coincidentally is when I got back from lunch today!) So righ tabout now I could eat about a whole side of beef, 3 pounds of potatoes, 2 pieces of chocolate cake, and a diet soda! Ok, maybe just a normal meal will do!

Signing off for now...

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