Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The other side of life...

Ya know one of these days I may actually get a chance to sleep again! Between the moving and the drum corps and everything else I don’t sleep much right now, and I am just going through life in this tired state all the time. Part of it is also getting adjusted to being in a new place too. Basically sleep has been out of necessity and not out of choice so my body isn’t really resting, it is just out of energy by the time I fall into bed every night. Hopefully in a few weeks my sleep and my energy will return to normal.

Work has been going pretty easily as of late too, which is kind of weird. Normally I have a lot of stress. I guess now that the audit business is done for the year things returning to “normal” around here I can get back to some sort of a routine. A routine is something we have never had here. Usually we fly by the seat of our pants every day and just make things happen. The good news, as a company we are making lots of money…the bad news as an employee I am not making a lot of money. Well not as much as I feel I deserve or I would like too, but that is another story for another day.

Today we got paid $1.3 million for 2 months worth of work on one job. We have been kind of stressing on this money because all of our subs want to get paid. We had over $4 million on our AR a week ago, and have collected most of it. I am very happy that the company is doing well, at least that means that no matter what happens I can still have a job.

In other news my new neighborhood is so different and I definitely like it. Maybe I just got used to all the rude people in the “People’s Republic of Glen Burnie” or something. You can get numb to rudeness I guess when everyone around you all the time is rude and self centered. Crofton is a much different place. I swear in G.B. I thought the words “good morning” were permanently stricken from our vocabulary. Apparently they still use those words down here. Apparently people do care enough to ask you how you are doing when you pass them in the street and they don’t even know you. This is a HUGE welcome change and a very pleasant surprise to me.

People here are different, but just 30 seconds in my neighborhood and you can tell why. Clearly, people around here are living a much higher quality of life then the people in G.B. You can see it in their houses, you can see it in the cars they drive, you can see it in the clothes they wear, and you can see it in the way the carry themselves when the walk down the street. And at least as far as I have been able to tell, no one has given off that “I make more money and therefore I am better then you” vibe. Maybe everyone assumes that because you are in the neighborhood that you are as well off as they are, I dunno. But just in my interactions in different places around here, I haven’t heard anyone talk about how this place is better then anywhere else. A lot of people living here are locals and have been in this area for quite a while, so this is the way of life they know. And so far, especially compared to G.B. this place is miles ahead in terms of attitude and in terms of being decent people.

So, what’s on tap the rest of the week? Hopefully finalizing the whole unpacking thing, and getting myself more established here in this town. I need to switch around my banking and also my gym membership, just a whole bunch of small stuff that needs to be taken care of so that I can have some normalcy in my life. I will be trying to take some pics and putting them on my textamerica blog shortly. You can click the link over there on the right side to view those pics. Not much there yet, but there will be.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you made it all the way to the end!

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