Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Timberline is Stupid...

This accounting software we use at work is absolutely retarded. This is what happens when computer scientists design accounting software without any accounting knowledge what so ever. Frustration occurs on a daily basis with this dumb ass program. Simple functions like paying invoices get all screwed up because of a function in the software that prevents you from overpaying someone, while on the other hand you can enter other things into the system that allow you throw of the books by millions of dollars just because you said ok. Well the “ok” button needs to be associated with the functional items that need the flexibility of being able to change to accommodate customers, and the prevention features need to be added to the complicated stuff that can throw you into an accounting tailspin. Now if you were a software company that specialized in accounting software wouldn’t you at least entertain the thought of getting someone on your creative staff with some accounting know how that would better be able to teach you the ins and outs of some features that your software should have? The frustration point of absolute stupidity has hit me today because I keep running into dead ends with the program. No wonder why companies aren’t able to use this software to the full capacity.

Enough of that stupid shit on to something that might actually have meaning to the rest of the free world out there instead of some lame ass rant about some shit ass accounting software…so people WAKE UP here comes a dose of real life…or maybe it’s fake life some days you never can tell!

Well this weekend we had camp, and lets say the weather wasn’t exactly as advertised. It was cold AGAIN, it rained AGAIN, it was windy AGAIN…all the things you would expect in good old Syracuse, NY…except we were in Brewerton/Central Square, NY. A request to the weather gods…70 and sunny just once this year would really be nice, thank you! On another note, we did a lot of stuff this weekend. We got up to the drum solo in the closer done, which is a good thing. It means the learning phase is almost over. I enjoy things a whole lot more when the formal learning phase is over. It also means we are that much closer to the competitive season. I am anxious to get back to that again. That is what we are all here for is the competition and the performance.

I finally got back to working out. Tried to start last week, but on Thursday I took a pretty nasty fall on my roller blades while working out. It was that face first fall complete with 50 yards of losing my balance and about 20 yards of slide. Not very pretty, but I got back up and continued on. No serious injuries, just a pretty nasty carpet burn on my knee and elbow. It was the kind of fall you would see on a steve-o video or something, except my fall wasn’t intentional and I am not getting paid big bucks to bust my ass. But back to working out. I need to transfer my membership over to the new gym here in town. For now I used the little apartment complex gym. Not the greatest facility, but it sure beats having nothing at all. At the very least it will prepare me for the real thing again.

So other then all of that I need a vacation NOW! I am pretty burnt out considering I haven’t taken any length of time off now in a few years. The longest I took was a 4 day weekend or something like that since 2002. I have a bunch of days off here in the coming weeks, but it still isn’t time to really get away and relax. Unfortunately due to my working circumstances I don’t know when I will ever have the time to take a major break from this place. It’s kind of a scary thought, but at some point this year I am going to need to go away from more then a long weekend at a time. That doesn’t look good until the fall, lets hope I can retain most of my sanity until then!

Well I think I have bored all of you people to death here (that is if you are still reading!)

Happy Tuesday to all of you out there in Blogland!

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