Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Random Acts of Random Randomness...or Something...

Well it’s Wednesday and you all know what that means. Payroll! Whoopadiedoo! Well today I am not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer either. It just seems to happen like that lately! Thos I am about 1000% more awake then yesterday. These long weekends just kill me and the season has only just started!

So lets see on the agenda today in addition to my job is finalizing plans to get to Syracuse this weekend. I need to get exact times on the train because I am meeting a fellow corps member in Philly this weekend and riding up with her. This weekend it works out that I am the only one from this area that will be heading up. After this weekend I think everyone is in for good.

Well supposedly this weekend the alleged 10th and final piece of the puzzle is going to be there. Finally 10 contras for the season, now we can all work had and gasp get good this season. I for one do not want to suck, I didn’t come back this summer to suck, I came back to be great and to hold nothing back in terms of performance. Thankfully the section is talented and experienced enough and plugging in a 10th person who also has some experience will be a good thing.

I have got to try and get this moblog thing going a little bit more too. It’s like I am all signed up and I have ample opportunities to take pictures and everything else, but I never do any of that. I have this awesome camera that Christine bought me for Christmas that I really want to use. Well it would also require a computer to upload the photos too. In addition to that I have a really cool camera phone and for the rest of the year unlimited MMS messaging to and from that blog. I really need to get on that. =All of this really cool technology that I own is just going to waste…maybe today after work I’ll go out and take random pictures of random things…who knows…

Well I gotta get back to payroll for now, maybe I’ll post something a little more interesting later!

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Christine said...

Hey, You do have a computer. That's why i bought the camera... But for some reasons, it's at Scott's house!!!

Oh well!