Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wanna See Something Really Scary...

***Cue Twilight Zone Theme***

WTF is going on today? I feel like I am trapped in the twilight zone or something. I have more to do then one human being should have to do all in one day, and that is just at work. I have tons to do outside of here by tonight as well.

Today everyone here keeps on bringing me work and asking me to do things, and needs to get this done, and needs to get that done, and I really need this now, and can you do this for me by the end of the day, and wait for tomorrow on that when I am not here, and all kinds of other blah…blah…blah BS that is such an emergency.

Newsflash to everyone…just because you are going to be off for a couple of days does not mean that I want to do your BS work anymore then you want to regardless of the deadline being tomorrow when you go away on vacation. FYI people, I was the first one to put in for tomorrow off, but due to deadlines I had to give up taking the long weekend that everyone else is going to have. I was the first person to realize this a few weeks ago, plus I worked it out in my schedule so that I am not tied up with these other things to do. I takes a huge load off a few other people that are actually stuck working tomorrow. My boss decided to take a long weekend now instead of me, which I am OK with considering he gave up his vacation 3 weeks ago because of a similar thing.

So to EVERYONE else here who can’t want for next week because you came up short on your deadline…FUCK OFF! I will get to your shit either tomorrow when my deadlines are fulfilled or maybe next week if you are lucky. Next time people prioritize your work and your social time and you won’t have this problem…

As you can all see, time management isn’t a skill that too many people around here possess. Some people are away right now that are holding up others, which in turn holds us up from finishing our deadlines in time. Now my boss and I, we are just going to force the issue, we don’t care, if people want to be that hard ass about their deadline even though they are holding us up, we will just cross the finish line with an incomplete product for the sake of getting it done. Is this right? Absolutely not, but sometimes doing the right thing is not doing the right thing. What we are talking about here is accountability. But accountability around here is based off who you are and how long your lips are attached to another person’s ass. Sometimes people are so far up each others ass that you can’t tell where one person ends and another begins. It’s stupid really.

So what to we do? By we I mean my boss and I. Finish without all the pieces. That way when the finger gets pointed, and believe me it does get pointed, it can’t ever be pointed at us. We are done with all the information you gave us. Oh you failed to give us 25% of the information, tough luck, we are done. We go back later and fill in the other 25% because we don’t get a choice in that, but our point is made. Where is the accountability now? Don’t let us EVER had in anything late, finished or unfinished. Seems kind of funny with different sets of rules for different sets of people. Fortunately for us we set the standard here, one mistake and we are fried, so we have eliminated the mistakes…try to keep up with that!

Well back to my HELL today…

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