Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Now for something a little less scary...

Well as you could tell by my last entry, I wasn’t exactly a happy camper! Well the good news is everyone went away on vacation, which did get a lot of BS off of me. The bad news is, they all come back tomorrow and I will be dealing with BS once more! But for today, though I am very busy, at least all of the “BS-mongers” are not here…for now!

So, including this week I get 3 weeks in a row with a 4 day work week! Yesterday was a holiday and I didn’t work! Next week I am off Thursday to play some golf. The following week I am off Friday to prepare from more golf and Wild wood weekend, our first competition of the season. This kind of time off is what I have needed for months now, and it is long overdue.

Speaking of golf, yesterday I was terrible! I had a case of the lefts. It took me most of the day to straighten things out and by the end of the day I was finally putting my drives out there well over 275 yards. I played lousy in the sand too, which is something that I normally excel in, so I don’t know what was going on. I putted about average for me. I made some great ones but I also missed some easy ones. A couple of the other shots I have been working on came through for me though. The punch shot I have been working on was going well for me, also the knock down approach to the green was working too. I have been working on hooking the ball a little when I need it to go left around trees or whatever. I think that is why I had such a bad case of the lefts, especially off the tee. But if I can get the shot working for me then it will be one more that I can try and use when we get out on the course. I probably would have shot better if I was more prepared. Oh well there is always next time!

And then there was camp this weekend. Things are coming along pretty good. The contras don’t have any drill during the drum solo, so I am writing something that will go along with the drums visually for us. I just need to hear the drum solo as it relates to the count structure of what the other horns are doing. I have some really cool ideas. I just don’t know how it will fit together just yet. The section itself is really coming along great. We got lots of great comments in the arc, and I feel the section worked really hard in sectional to try and get the material down and under their fingers. This week we need to put in time on Round Midnight because that is where we are suffering the most right now. The music and the drill don’t really line up right now for us. A lot of people are hiving difficulty with the changes of direction and how it relates to the parts we have on paper. It will take a great deal of practice to get used to how it all fits together. We plan to spend a lot of time on it this week, so to any of you that may be reading my blog, be prepared to work! Go learn this stuff down cold so that we don’t have to spend as much time on it later!

Other then all of that I had to climb up on the soapbox this morning and tell people my view on the reality of certain situations. By the end of the day I will know just how many people I did piss off. In this case I don’t care who gets upset of my words or my meaning. Sometimes you have to get on that side of people so they will get motivated. Life isn’t all good news and happiness after all. Sometimes a little dose of reality is just what people need. To all those reading, I am not sorry if I pissed you off this morning, if fact that was my intention, now go out and prove me wrong! In this case proving me wrong is very welcome.

I am still sucking at putting up anything on my moblog…sorry about that people! As I said last week once I get a chance I will put tons of stuff on there!

And in other news…

Je T’aime Forever Christine!


Christine said...


Je t'aime too!!

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