Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Another Day in the Life of...

Another day, and as usual, nothing exciting going on! Today is another payroll day and surprisingly things went a whole lot easier then normal despite the addition of holiday pay to everyone’s check. I guess that is a plus.

My mom was in town, we went to lunch then over to check out my new apartment. She seems to have liked it, so I guess that is a plus also. We ate at this place called the chicken coop. It’s a local place and in case you can’t guess, they specialize in chicken! We all had wings. My step dad said they weren’t hot at all. To me they seemed to be lacking today as well. Usually they are much hotter then today’s batch.

Last night after work I went to the gym. Not to Gold’s Gym where I am a member, but to my little gym in the apartment complex. I still have to pay the $59 to upgrade my membership so I can use the Crofton Gym, plus my monthly dues are going to go up like $5 a month for the upgraded membership. It’s kind of stupid if you ask me. The transfer doesn’t work because the local Gold’s locations are all in some kind of a partnership that won’t allow them to transfer one membership to another gym. It’s all just to make more money by collecting higher fees. Since Gold’s Gym is a franchise I can see why they would have something like that. This way they all at least get a piece of the pie. But I am not a franchise owner, so I get to bite the bullet and pay out the extra cash to transfer things over. It will have to wait another couple weeks though because I have other priorities right now.

So back to my apartment complex gym… It might be small, but it has enough equipment to get the job done. Many of the machines are outdated, but the treadmill is still ok, and so is the new elliptical trainer. Also the machine they have for weight training is a little awkward at first, but once you make a few adjustments to the equipment you can get a sufficient workout to get in shape. Like I said for a couple of weeks it will be ok until I can get back to some of the normal equipment I have available at Gold’s.

After working out last night I ordered enough pizza to feed a family of 17! Ok maybe not 17 but you could have fed at least 5 people comfortably! So needless to say I have pizza for lunch all week, and probably pizza for dinner one other night. I ordered it because there was a special and because after working out I was too lazy to try and cook anything myself.

I put a couple pictures on the moblog this afternoon, just some goofy shots that I was wasting with my camera phone. In between doing payroll sometimes I get kinda bored and have to do something to keep my mind occupied! Hopefully soon I can get my computer and get the real digital camera working for some higher quality shots.

Well the good news is the week is almost over…the bad news is that means next week will get here just a quickly as this one is over. At least I have a few more short weeks coming up and I might get a chance to relax a little bit. Well that is all I have for now…hasta la buh bye!

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