Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ever ask yourself this question...

Where does today, June 2, 2005 fit in to the grand scheme of life?

On one had you can never really tell what life is going to deal you on a day to day basis. One the other hand, you can really see how predictable each and every day becomes. For instance the highlights of my day today are going to include 5 o’clock when it is time to go home and talking to Christine later on tonight. How sad is it that 5 o’clock has become something to look forward to?

Back to the real question at hand…How does today fit into the grand scheme of things about my life? This is a question that I have no answer to. To me it is another mundane boring day filled with the same routine as always. Wake up, shower, work, lunch, 5’oclock, go home, sleep, rinse and repeat as necessary. It’s kind of ironic to me that we as humans, who are all about this technology, and about progress would go about this day to day mundane routine. What progress have we made today as humans? Not just as a race, but even as individuals? Absolutely none. Well not as of 12:44 PM on June 2, 2005. Sure I have made progress towards someone else’s goals, but what of mine? Someone else needs me to be here to do this work that puts money in their pocket. You might make the case that it puts money in mine. I don’t see it that way. The money I get is simply compensation for my time spent here. It’s trading one service for another. My time for your money. It’s just that simple. Where is the progress?

The answer is, there is none. We are bound by our nature, bound by our habits, bound by our necessity. We need a home and food, for that we need money, for that we need a job, we make it a habit of going to our job for money, we get the stuff we need, we have to take care of that stuff, we make it a habit to take care of our stuff, we protect our stuff, we protect our job, we protect ourselves…it’s in our nature, human nature. They say to think outside the box, but what is the box really? To me it is your necessity and your habits. Well at least to most of us. The accumulation of stuff (clothes, books, toys, food, etc.) is not progress, it is simply in our nature as hunter/gatherers. What progress has been made today, June 2, 2005?

If that doesn’t bake you noodle, nothing will!

So I guess my point today is, nothing going on today except for the usual. Isn’t life fun? It funny to me now, reading everyone’s life posted on the internet is the latest and greatest form of entertainment. It’s all about the human interest stories. I guess that is the logical progress beyond reality TV. That is what binds us to watch the survivor type shows, and things of that nature. The trouble with those is that you only get to see just how one sided people can become in pursuit of money and fame. What a way to exploit our human nature. And that is why I don’t watch that kind of stuff.

And then there is the news…another question…Is there any good news out there anymore? Ever watch the 10 o’clock news or the 11 o’clock news? It follow the same format…bad news, weather, sports, see ya tomorrow. Ok it’s not that bad, but it is seriously about 90% bad news. Here is a newsflash (pun intended) good stuff actually happens out there, just nobody talks about it anymore. News has made us predictable, news is our small talk time filler that we can use all day long. Hey did you see what happened on the news last night? Ack! People are so predictable. Hey did you see the weather? Come on people there are more exciting things in life not related to the weather! People are so wrapped up in things that they forget what it is to live. The live for more news! How sad is that!

Not me! I just hope that 5:01 is more exciting the 5:00!

Stay tuned folks, I’m just getting started!


Christine said...

Funny you talk about human nature and people's interests in other people's lives...
In my Blog i posted an article about Gossips... heh!

Rick Roberts said...

I find that looking forward to small things in life helps break the monotony.
ie: I ordered a new m/p today, and should have it tomorrw, just in time for camp.
or: the Kanstul should be ready for me this weekend, fixed and all. new m/p, repaired horn..woohoo.
or: I just completed small mound of new hire paperwork, and, even though its a shit level csr position, I start a real/new job on Monday!
or: the AP announed today that a NY judge dismissed the lawsuit brought by Cablevision against the NY MTA for "illegalities" in the bidding process for the sale of air rights above the rail yards on the west side on Manhattan. this clears one of the last remaining hurdles needed so that my JETS can get their own stadium!
ie: that sprinkle of Gold Bond powder before the start of basics block(which I hate..I mean..I've been marching for 30 years. If I can't march around in a block by now, there are bigger issues at hand!)

see.... it's out there. you need to look, sometimes very very hard for it, but it's there. a few small things in the course of a day = a good one!