Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Defining Character...

Well it’s time to see what everyone is made of. So many people have spoken up and so many folks have talked a great game. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and go out and use some of that god given talent that you have. Too often the most talented people rely on their talent to get them through. I too have been guilty of it in the past. To make a commitment like that to yourself and to those around you might actually bring something out in you that you never knew was there. I have experienced it in the past. I have had a taste of it now and again over the years. But never have I seen such an opportunity for a group of people to find it all at the same time. If you think you are really 100% committed to this thing, I would suggest that you at least go back and reevaluate your current situation. I have done this many times and I will continue to do this many more times. Even when I think I am at the top of my game.

In any activity of sport the greatest performers always go back and see what they can do better. They are always changing things and tweaking themselves in one aspect or another to push the envelope of their activity. Even when they are the best, they don’t settle for being the best. True masters of their performance and of their game are always in a constant state of change, whether it would be major or minor in nature. This is the difference between being professional and being the best, between being great and being phenomenal, and the difference between a contender and a champion.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, you are only going to get great things out of yourself if you put the great things into what you are doing. This applies across all the things you do in life whether it be sport, you job, your family, your friends, anything. Commit yourself to greatness and you will be rewarded with greatness. Put 100% of yourself in and you’ll achieve 100% of the results. Put 80% in and don’t expect more then 80% of the results. It’s really that simple.

Success is where preparedness and opportunity meet.

Consider this your opportunity.


Sara said...

Very well put Shawn.

Opportunities are to be taken advantage of when they present themselves.

See ya in Rochester!

Dawn Marie said...

Im up for your challenge Shawn. Reevaluation is something that driven people do to avoid mediocrity and there are alot of us out there who live our lives that way.

We have a great opportunity, as youve said and as soon as we all recognize that and put the first show behind us the more apt we are for greatness.

Lets all make the decision to set the tone in Rochester. A few people may not be able to change things but they can get the ball rolling. See you on the 50!