Monday, June 20, 2005

No Excuses Folks...

We just flat out got spanked!


<< *becka* >> said...

that's the story.


BrigadiersEuph said...

but I'm still damm proud to be in the great corps. The season hasn't already started. There is way to improve - individually and as an ensemble as an group as an unity as the Brigs. Everyone should know what to do and should do it - NOW !!! I for my selve know where to work on, so I will do it. No better I will bust my ### off.

Let's start to kick us hard. No talk - do it!!! Focus on the goal and go for it.

The weekend was top class. If you come from outside this acitivty in the US, maybe you realize it hard, how special this group.

1-2-3 Brigs!!!


Shawn C. said...

I am not saying there is anything wrong with getting spanked. In losing you define character and you see what the people here will be all about.

Compared to our standard, the Brigadier "norm" if you will, we weren't even close. Therfore to get whooped by that many points is fine by me. It happens!

Rest, Relax, Practice, get better, and let the results of what you do show up in your gig.